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The Japanese Mini Truck Garden Contest is a Whole New Genre in Landscaping

"The Kei Truck, or kei-tora for short, is a tiny but practical vehicle that originated in Japan. Although these days it’s widely used throughout Asia and other parts of the world, in Japan you’ll often see them used in the construction and agriculture industries as they can maneuver through small side streets and easily park.
And in a more recent turn of events, apparently they’re also used as a canvas for gardening contests. The Kei Truck Garden Contest is an annual event…Numerous landscaping contractors from around Japan participate by arriving on site with their mini trucks and then spending several hours transforming the cargo bed into a garden.…"
Photos at: http://www.spoon-tamago.com/2018/06/06/kei-tora-mini-truck-garden-contest/
From Kevin Kelly


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