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Slice of #onion going into new batch of pickled #eel


Anonymous said...

It is a beautiful photo art, all by itself.

You (sounds like) making your own pickled eel? Suspect it might smell like/taste like pickled Herring? As a kid, my folks always had a small "barrel" of pickled Herring. Always LOVED the smell, still do. Never could eat them, (then or now). Just cant get past the "texture".

nils said...

Excellent Lloyd! Would you mind sharing the full recipe? My son loves eel in every form and color (don't worry, I don't put him on psychodelics).

Lloyd Kahn said...

Tell him to look up a recipe for ceviche, and just substitute eel for halibut or whatever fish is in the recipe.

Anonymous said...

Photo Ten yr old surfing overtop shark


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