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Dancing! in 1957-58 to "Slow Down" by Larry Williams

At the time of this record, 1957-58, I was getting back from 3-month trip through 10 European countries on a Lambretta motorscooter, camping out and staying in youth hostels. Hitchhiking also. In '58, I was running a newspaper on an Air Force base near Wiesbaden, Germany. I sure didn't know about this kind of music and dancing in those days. Sheeesh!


tim joe comstock said...

Jitterbug, baby.

Irene Tukuafu said...

yep, did this kind of dancing I did and loved it. and I married the only Tongan out of the Kingdom of Tonga that didn't dance. I'm glad I got sooooooooo much dancing done before I married.

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