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Tiny House Built of Recycled Materials in England

Hi there,
My Dad was featured in one of Lloyds books, Tiny Homes, for building the wooden yurt Big Sky Retreat.
Recently he has been building another cabin called Big Sky Lookout, which is smaller than the yurt, but still made up of reused and recycled stuff. I made a short film following his progress along the way.
Many thanks,
Red Evans


Anonymous said...


Can't help but smile, when I imagine being inside it, looking out...waking up to sit up in bed and see the view...Wow.

Anonymous said...

Now that's a life! No cars, no noise. That's really living!
T in Phx

Sue in Eugene said...

Beautiful. Music credit?

Where Next ? said...

Beautiful. Thanks Scott and Red. Music I think is Katie Melua, Wonderful Life.

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