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Fine Tiny Home

Ward Hensill has moved one of his tiny homes out onto Highway One near Bodega Bay (instead of being hidden in the town of Bodega). I've written about these excellent little buildings before; they're made with 1-1/8" T&G plywood and the pop-out windows and window seats create a feeling of spaciousness in a tiny space: http://lloydkahn-ongoing.blogspot.com/2013/02/bodega-portable-buildings.html

See: http://www.bodegaportablebuildings.com/


Anonymous said...

the outside is "ok", but the inside...

the inside is captivation...No idea exactly why,just good design, good use, I would guess.

really love the inside.

Anonymous said...

Blood Tribe students with big dreams building tiny homes



Anonymous said...

I am glad these homes are being loved and used instead of trashed
I am glad these folks will have a home
Still and all
It seems bizarre to me...

Venerable B.C. homes shipped by barge to U.S. and offered as cheap housing


community is losing its old country charm, its heart and soul.

Many of them are shipped south to Washington state, where people appreciate their hand-nailed craftsmanship and character. Oak Bay’s early 20th-century dwellings are being floated on barges to San Juan Island, where they’re offered to folks stuck in affordable housing jams.

A local charity, the San Juan Community Home Trust, is happy to take the aged Oak Bay beauties. Since making a “little field trip” to the district in 2014 and finding a treasure trove, trust officials have snatched a few Oak Bay abodes. It plans to take five more this year.





3 affordable homes barged from B.C. to Friday Harbor

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