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A Package This Makes It Seem Like It's All Worth While

Over the years we've sent prison inmates any books they ask for. 20 years ago, we were sending out a lot of weight training books. These days, they're asking for building books.*

Yesterday this package arrived and it was a delight. The spoon is really nice. Handcrafted, not made in China.
The notes in yellow say:

"Dear Lloyd & friends,
A few years ago you folks were kind enough to send me Home Work for free when I was locked up - so, to return the kindness, here is a gift. Enjoy it! If you come across anyone else who wants one, they are on Etsy:
Best regards,

*If you're an inmate or know any, tell them to write us for free books. -LK


Anonymous said...

Wow, that is so cool on multiple layers.

Tohner Jackson said...

So cool makes me want to cry. Education and sharing for FREE. That's why your my guru.
Thanks , Tohner

Anonymous said...

very nice.

harmless neighborhood eccentric said...

This makes me happy a couple different ways

Cro Magnon said...

Well done Drew. Good to know that your kindness was repaid, even if not requested.

Laura said...

What a great gift from Drew! And Lloyd, you remain the best dude ever.

Anonymous said...

Just read a post on Not Buying Anything about Radical Acceptance that brought me to tears. Now this - second time today. I agree with Tohner Jackson; you are my guru, too. I love you Lloyd. D.

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