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Shelter Looking for Apprentice or Part Time Employee and/or Website Designer

The paradox is that we're getting this incredible feedback, now daily, and sales of our books have dropped off. We want to:

1. Redesign our website
2. Get Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and our blogs working to reach people. We have tons of "content."
3. Produce more short videos
4. Consult with internet-savvy people
5. Get word out more broadly about our books
6. Get theshelterblog audience large enough so we get income from it.

Ideally we'd find a person who who understands blogs, "social media," and how to build a new website.
Contact us if you or anyone you know might be interested in working with us: shelter@shelterpub.com

1 comment :

Anonymous said...

oh Lloyd, this sounds like a hugely excellent opportunity for someone. I sure hope you get tons of candidates.

you have probably thought of this, but have you sent this apprentice opportunity out to all your

email contacts
websites who list you/your books
folks / shops where you have done presentations

good luck, wish I had the skills to apply...

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