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Robert McKinney's Cozy Motorhome

I really like the curved roof (a la gypsy wagons) for small spaces. More restful, less claustrophobic than the steep gable roofs of so many tiny homes.

"Hi Lloyd,
Thanks for all the awesome publications. I think I have them all, except your latest.…I used to live in an old Cortez motorhome for years and drove all over the west to help build straw bale buildings, a couple there in Marin.
 I've lived in my latest motorhome for 5 years now. The wall are insulated with straw and reeds, which will soon be earth plastered. It will also have a solar heated radiant floor. It's has a completely shielded and isolated electrical system to eliminate EMFs.
I'm also in the process of completely reconstructing a single wide trailer using my new straw wall system that I'm hoping will be easy for anyone to reproduce. It will be extremely fire resistant, inexpensive to build and have a higher R value than most "tiny homes".

Here's a few photos of my current home. It's a Ford CF 7000 with a 20 ft alum. box I've altered a bit.
-Robert McKinney"


Peter Robinson said...

This looks very pleasant, comfortable and cozy, but I have problems imagining an earth-plastered motor-home. Isn't this extremely heavy and isn't it all going to fall off on some bumpy highway, to the consternation of the highway patrol?

There must be something that I don't understand here!

Anonymous said...

I love the look of it..

do wonder about Peter Robinson's concerns, above. Maybe it is going to be stationary?

hope we get to see more pics.

Sundog & Beth said...

Love the roof, We're planning on doing the curved gypsy style roof also. How are you using the straw? Are you just packing it in there? Is it a light clay straw?

S E Jones ~ Sundogs Place

Anonymous said...

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Asim Alvi said...

I am definitely getting that spice rack, a yoga mat and the thermal cooker.
I put a bamboo wine glass rack inside my cupboard over the coffee cups and it works great! I use a magazine holder for shelves to hold my Tupperware lids.
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