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Nice Little Hawaiian Cottage in Kapa'a


Anonymous said...

Interesting. I notice that there is a little jut out over the door/porch. Makes me think maybe the porch and new roof was added after the build. Looks good.

Anonymous said...

looks like a Hicks home
used to be very popular in Hawaii, many still standing in old neighborhoods
single wall, clear redwood 5/4 siding exterior, 4/4 interior
one horizontal support at height of bottom of windows
specially made bottom plate so it fits together at floor
with a ridge that sticks out beyond siding to shed water off the wall
the old double hung windows (with counterweights hidden in walls and twisty steel guides) are obsolete today
i took one down, an old beach house in kihei
milled all the siding to get rid of stain and wear
new house with old wood came out very nice, lots of work of course
better grade of clear redwood than you can buy today

Anonymous said...

forgot to mention
all the framing was real douglas fir (not "hemfir")

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