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Super strong, lightweight cardboard bicycle costs $10 to make

"Israeli cycling enthusiast Izhar Gafni has created the coolest eco-vehicle to hit the streets in quite a while - a bike made entirely of cardboard! The sturdy cycle is cheap, eco-friendly, and certainly unique. Gafni first painstakingly bends and folds pieces of cardboard into what initially looks like a shipping package on wheels. He then dunks the design in resin, adds a layer of pearly paint and voila - his one-of-a-kind cardboard creation works and looks just like a beautiful bicycle, but it only costs $10 to make."


Anonymous said...

Hi, I can assure you that this bike cost will be absolutely more than $ 10. Not even the frame alone could be produced that cheap, at least the resin, let's say 1 kg would cost you $ 20, start adding bearings, tires etc.....an illusion

Anonymous said...

Bikers Are Building Their Own Bikes Out of Bamboo


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