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California-Styled Wooden House Truck in Wales

"Attracted by Folkestone’s connection with H.G. Wells, Heather and Ivan Morrison constructed a mobile Science Fiction library, Tales Of Space And Time in the style of a 1970s Californian House Truck.

Made popular in America during the Hippy movement, these house trucks, similar to Gypsy caravans, are a symbol of freedom and a nomadic self-sufficient lifestyle. Following this tradition the Morison’s version is hand built using Douglas fir from their arboretum in Wales onto a 1955 Green Goddess, ex army fire engine.…"


Photos: Wig Worland


Anonymous said...

I suddenly am feeling like a gypsy... take me away.

Anonymous said...

The wood work inside is lovely! Having a library is awesome! Enjoyed this a lot!

Greg Prosmushkin said...

Thanks for the share. When I was looking at the pictures. I was thinking how peaceful is must be to just drive and park somewhere quiet. Then grab a book and kick up your feet to peaceful silence. Have a great day.
Greg Prosmushkin

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