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Musical Events in Round Barn in Iowa

BCKRVUE has left a new comment on your post "Curved Roof Barn in Oregon/The Largest Bookstore i...":

Hi Lloyd this site combines two thing you appreciate, Music & Architecture. Enjoy! 



BCKRVUE said...

Thanks for posting the information on Codfish. We are fortunate to have such a cool venue right here in our own backyard, in Northeastern Iowa. http://bckrvue.blogspot.com/2014/05/codfish-barnstormersbig-sound-small.html

Anonymous said...

Hey Lloyd, maybe you know, but thought I mention it in case not.

Just watched Sunray Kelley on HGTV. Looked good. Also, Sunray demonstrated his "Inverter" to get the kinks out of his back...Seems like something you "need" on your homestead (grin).

checked Sunray's site, here's some lings to t.v. /etc stuff.


Anonymous said...

Lloyd, you mentioned your digging, the round barn roofs on a recent trip.
And that you were thinking about making a shed with a curved roof...
Popular Mechanics did some articles on curved rafters.

April 1953 pg 194


I think this second one would work for your shed building idea.

April 1956 pg 214


I got to these from


and searched for "curved rafters" there is a ton more info besides these two (and not all Pop/Mech).
Not to mention if you changed your search term.



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