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Home is Where You Park It by Foster Huntington

This is Foster's account of 75,000 miles on the road, a lot of it on California and Baja California beaches, photographing all types of homes on wheels: pickup trucks with camper shells, vans, trailers, and motorcycles. It's surf-centric, and a book that flows as smoothly as the waves in San Juanico. This is Foster's tribe of nomadic wanderers, beach-oriented and minimalist. Expensive, but short run color books in small quantities are expensive to print. NOT available thru Amazon.
Click here.
(Foster's latest vehicle, a 6-speed, Toyota 4x4 with expandable lightweight camper shell, is in Tiny Homes on the Move -- it's the best vehicle I've ever seen for serious beach/surf/desert/on-and-off-raod travel.)


Anonymous said...

Lloyd, both links on this post lead us to the Shelter Pub website. Was one supposed to get us to a site where we can buy Foster's book?


Lloyd Kahn said...

Thanks, fixed link.

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