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Bob Dylan's Interview with Ed Bradley in 2004

I saw this 10 years ago and just looked at it again. Dylan seems stiff and, as usual, unrevealing, not wanting to be pinned down or categorized—the Master Evader. He talks about destiny, and in the end, starts to smile a bit. Ed does a great job of interviewing a dodgy customer, and asks him why he still does it (touring, appearing) and Bob says,
Because I made a bargain with destiny…
...Ed: Who'd you make the bargain with?
Bob: With the chief commander.
Ed: On this earth?
Bob: On this earth and in the world we can't see.
Poet for the ages…

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Tina said...

Yes, saw this the other day....I love how he honest he was and how much he seems genuine, I came across this in this mornings paper...not sure it qualifies for a 'tiny' house but it is an interesting one...I use to live down the road from it in the 70's.

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