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I'm Doing Slide Show/Book Signing for Tiny Homes On the Move This Thursday (June 19th) in Berkeley

Here is an email this morning from Builders Booksource in Berkeley:

Tiny Homes on the Move, This Thursday! At 5:00 pm we will have a couple of Tiny Homes parked in front of the Store!
   Come check them out, have an early dinner or snack, and be ready for an entertaining evening!
Thursday, June 19th. 7 - 9 pm. Tiny Homes on the Move; Wheels and Water. With Lloyd Kahn. Pics, Presentation, Book Signing!
   There is room for a few more "Tiny Homes," don't be shy, if YOU are interested in showing off, give GEORGE a call: (510.845.6874). See you Thursday!
Builders Booksource,1817 4th St, Berkeley, CA 94710

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LiamMoriarty said...

Hi Lloyd, I'm a reporter for Jefferson Public Radio in Ashland, Oregon. We're the NPR station in southern Oregon and far-northern California. I'm working on a piece about tiny house living. I've got interviews (and a tiny house tour) from folks in my area. Now I'm looking for someone who could give the 10,000-foot view of this movement, putting it in context with previous expressions of these same social/ecological/political/personal impulses (domes, owner-builder, straw bales, rammed earth, etc). I'm particularly interested in hearing about similarities regarding struggles over codes, etc ... I'm a former owner-builder from the mid-80s and I remember reading Shelter for inspiration. Seems to me you'd be the perfect source for this perspective. Would you be interested in a recorded phone interview sometime this week? It'd take maybe 20 minutes or so ... Please get in touch with me ASAP via e-mail: moriartyl@sou.edu. Look forward to talking with you ... -- Liam Moriarty

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