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Perfectly-proportioned Shack in Woods

Sometimes I'll see a little building where everything looks right. Builders (and architects) could learn a lot by studying small rural and farm buildings.


Anonymous said...

have to say, I have a sense of joy, when I am out and about, and see many of these type of buildings, well built/ good proportions. sturdy. often the walls/corners/roofs are straight and true long past when I would expect a "modern" build to be.

Bob Patterson said...

I recogmise the "Golden Mean" at work, as I did a similar shed myself to those proportions.
It is a mystical experience to use a formula so old and see that it is so pleasing.

Jason Bradley said...

I am curious about the original purpose for small buildings, as this one looks like it was built to be the ultimate writing shack. Thanks for posting the picture, as I would like to build one like this someday out in the woods for an off grid hunting and writing shack.

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