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"Years of Living Dangerously": James Cameron, Matt Damon, Harrison Ford in TV Climate Change Series

This just in:

"Lloyd, can you put this out there..

info and trailer plus episode 1 in full


Mike W"

Google search for this Showtime documentary here


Anonymous said...


A group hug for climate hysterics!

Perhaps one of their heads will disengage from the anal orifice long enough to recognize the scam - ah, unlikely - their long on emotion, shortchanged on science and reason

Val said...

I don't think divestment in itself will make much difference. To significantly reduce co2 emissions, we ourselves would have to make some lifestyle changes - like driving less, or not at all; like fitting out our homes to consume less natural gas, or none. As long as the freeways and bridges are jammed with commuters, as long as our transport infrastructure is so arranged that driving is practically mandatory for everything, emissions will continue and big oil will be just fine. Really, trying to punish them for continuing to sell us the stuff is kind of silly. If you really want to shut them down, stop buying.

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