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Some Photos From Macau Yesterday

 There is sure a lot of money in gambling!



Anonymous said...

It's like what they say about Lost Wages... They don't pay the electric bill for all those lights by losing money... LOL.


Anonymous said...

nice pics.

Lloyd, when you took those night pics, did you use a flash?

just wondering...they sure turned out crisp and nice.

(what kind of camera?)

Val said...

Looks like Dubai or Vegas, or Dark Carnival Disneyland.

Lloyd Kahn said...

I recently started using the :"Handheld Twilight" setting on my Sony Cyber-Shot DSC RX100 camera. It shoots 6 rapid shots, then stitches them together to eliminate wobbles. This is an awesome little camera.

pranaglider said...

The tiny home thing not catching on in Macau then? ;)

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