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Surfing Couple on Road in Mexico, Central America in 1967 VW Bus

Bryan and Jen and Karma, the wonderdog… "We are now officially nomads and are living on the road. The PanAmerican highway to be specific (or at least near it).…"

Great story on this couple in a converted 1967 Type II VW bus on the road in Mexico and Central America (with surfboards of course).

From Tiny House Blog here.

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Kevin said...

This is a flashback for me. When I was seven my family and another family drove to Mexico from Marin county CA in a Volkswagen bus very similar to this one. We were nine people - five kids and four adults - in one VW bus, leaving on a stormy night with rain pouring down and the local creek swollen and roaring through a culvert as we crossed it. By the time I woke next morning, we were in the desert, nearing the border. I spotted a road runner that no one else saw. It was January, 1967.

I've always been quite fond of these old VW buses.

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