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News Room

Right now I am loving this series. Writing is so good, dialog snappy. Reviews have had a bit of snark and I think it's true that the dialog is unrealistic in its speed and complexity and snappy repartee, but I love it. The episode tonight, "One Step Too Many," was flawless. I don't watch much TV, but this is on my like-list-of-late, along with The Wire (best of all time), Deadwood,  Justified, Treme…


Anonymous said...

Breaking Bad didn't make the list?
The banality of evil?
A docile man transformed into a sympathetic monster?
Pistachio ice cream & Breaking Bad...Good time

Lloyd Kahn said...

Actually we just started watching Breaking Bad from the beginning.

Anonymous said...

re: Newsroom, the Operation Genoa refers to a like incident (and probably the same outcome) back in the Vietnam era, 1970 or so called Operation Tailwind.. You can google it..I agree, good writing on future/past issues..

Mike W


bayrider said...

Deadwood was like a shockingly profane bit of Shakespeare, the best TV monologues of all time. I never understood why that show was cancelled so early.

Anonymous said...

Lloyd, love your blog and your books. Check out John From Cincinnati if you can find it. Only lasted one year on HBO, but it was super crunchy spiritually out there, hilarious, and all about the human spirit and redemption.

Jools said...

We just watched House of Cards. Excellent sharp and I think on par with The Wire.... well, maybe close to on par :)

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