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Fold-Up Car Top Camper Tents

Great selection of models here from Flying Tortoise Blog


Anonymous said...

okay, can someone tell me, what really is the point of having the tents up on top of the Truck/Car/Van?

have seen many of these things, and keep wondering why they aren't just set on the ground. Seems to me up there ...
more exposed to wind
more exposed to elements
a pain in the acc to put up


DaveRobFreeman said...


Anonymous said...


am thinking any predator which is a concern (bear/cougar/etc) wouldn't have much trouble getting up there to those tasty mortals...

Alicja Fenigsen said...

fear of bugs & rain puddles

Lloyd Kahn said...

-up off ground (no snakes, spiders etc. in desert)
-quick setup time. When you unfold it, tent pops up, mattress, sheets, pillow in place
-good view. I used to park mine looking out at the ocean in Mexico
-clean, airy
-beats sleeping in back of pickup truck
For me, it was the best way to camp in 12 years of (off-and-on) desert travel.

Warren De Jager said...

Want to do battle with an African Hyena in the middle of the night?
Get one

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