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Barrel House With Thatched Roof

"Dear Lloyd , I'm sending you a picture of our barrel house.  We are sending it in the hope you might want to include it in Tiny Homes 2…My husband Lee and I love your books and have been using them for inspiration and ideas for a long time…Our home is 14 ft. in diameter and has two stories, and we are currently building a kitchen downstairs. The barrel was made for making cider in over 100 yrs ago; it was also used for grain storage for 50 years.…
With love,
Rooh Star and Lee Love"


Anonymous said...

I wish there were pictures of the inside. It should go hand in hand if one submits a picture of a home as awesome as this is, they should include pictures of the inside also.

Anonymous said...

yes, me too, same wish as above..

I had NO idea they made cider in such a HUGE barrel...WOW

The Flying Tortoise said...

Just wonderful!

Anonymous said...

They are building their kitchen, so probably don't want to show the unfinished product.

Two Twiggs said...

I hope they show the inside when the kitchen is done!
Love it! I wonder how hard it is to open the front door?

Anonymous said...

Wish I could see the inside, can't imagine how you can fit all living with kitchen and bathroom in there, Is it possible?

Anonymous said...

The absolute best. But I too want to see the inside. I want one!!

CAT said...

Where are the windows? Are they on the other side of the barrel?

(Sorry, I just couldn't imagine living without lots of windows, especially when there is such a view as shown in the photo above.)

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