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Carville on Bubba

Last night James Carville, in a discussion with Leon Panetta on PBS, said: “Bill Clinton could talk a dog out of a pork-chop.”


Paula said...

Love it! I bet he could. As a Libertarian, I didn't like Bill much when he was president. Then we got George, and I liked him lots better!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Thatsa lot like Hitler praising Goebbels!

Thnx for sharing!

Anonymous said...

or maybe the other way 'round

Anonymous said...

How about Bush saying I looked him in the eyes and I trust him "Putin".Libertarians love Comunist China they work with our Big Banks and hate Cuba because they don't. Bill, Bush, Oboma all the same work for big Banks, Big Pharma., Big Medical Insurance and leave us paying all the Taxes.

Anonymous said...

I heard he could also talk a pig into a ham sandwich...


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