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Wooden Boat Building

"A short documentary about the craft and philosophy of wooden boat carpentry. Directed by Kat Gardiner, produced by Kat Gardiner & Nathan Walker"
Sent us by Mike W


Anonymous said...

My heart was suspended in a swoon the entire time I was watching this!!

Beautifully-filmed...great visuals and storytelling. The tools used for wooden boat-building are all SO exquisite, and I loved learning about the craft and process--watching Andy do his work with such artistry and care was such a soothing meditation.

WONDERFUL documentary! <3

Island Woman MJ said...

Infinitely pleasing for us as well. I sent this to a friend who is a wooden boat builder; he gives me the same feeling of quiet passion about his work.

Anonymous said...

Boatbuilder and master craftsman, Lionel Jefcoate

83, he has built more than 56 boats – steamboats, sailboats, launches and large yachts – one of which he sailed around the South Pacific with his family


ohn Bell said...

This story reminded me of how I began in the great hobby of building boats.

As a child, my dad would take me to the harbor and I would watch the boats bring in their catch for the day. It all seemed very magical to a young boy.

I started building tiny model boats but due to our familie's financial situation, I could never graduate to building a "real" boat.

Fortunately, when I grew up and started working, I was able to afford to build bigger boats. However, the plans that I found were incredibly difficult to understand and I never got past the "half-finished" stage.

I was on the verge of giving it all up. Luckily for me, I came across some easy-to-follow instructions that have allowed me to complete some wonderful boats.

I could go on and on, but you would do well to check out the plans for yourself:


Hope it helps anyone reading this!

cliff said...

your work is amazing! I also build boats but i am not as good as you. Last time with friends we build this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AzneeWOYBSw&feature=youtu.be i belive that is even good

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