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Playing Along With Liberace

There was an article on Liberace in this morning's Sunday NYTimes, and it reminded me of a prank in 1954, when I spent the summer at my friend Buster's house in Denver. There was a Liberace concert at Red Rocks out door amphitheater. Buster and I went early and climbed up to a ledge on the western cliff above the stage, where we were partially hidden. I took my banjo.
   Liberace came out and before playing, was talking about a critic in the Denver Post who'd said something unfavorable about him. I starting played "Ain't She Sweet" on my banjo. He stopped talking, the crowd was hushed, and he looked up and said, "Well, I guess she brought along her banjo." Everyone laughed and I shut up. Respect for such quick wit.

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Anonymous said...

One summer day in 1975 I climbed up to that ledge. You have to go up a "Chimney" chute and certainly have to use both hands and legs to do it. You must of had your banjo strapped to your back. Oh, to be young and fearless!

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