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New (Very) Tiny Home in British Columbia

"Reidy’s tiny houses incorporate salvaged materials that create a space with character, warmth and beauty…
   The “V” house, named such for it’s versatility, is 108 square feet and includes salvaged road signs for roofing, corrugated metal siding, and locally milled wood.
   It also features a composting toilet, mini fridge, two-burner stove, sink, sleeping loft, and French doors that turn the outdoors into an extension of the house with options for add-ons such as a shower, propane heater and water heater. While a tiny house, by definition, is a small space, they don’t have to feel that way, says Reidy. 'In a tiny house, the design allows you to feel that all aspects of home are met within the small space. High ceilings and the feeling of expansion to the outside help the charm and simplicity of the space trump its actual size.'"
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Anonymous said...

looks nice - sturdy
would love to see range of inside pics, went to the site, not much

mellisamouse said...

If you know a builder in BC I am in desperate need of help! lol. I want to get started so badly but have no clue where to start, being on a budget, tiny myself and the worst builder ever ( I tried making chicken coops and rabbit hutches and almost failed at them even, lol) I am soooo in love with the idea but lost on how to start!


Thanks! :P

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