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Bad Boy Off-road Toyota

"This 2007 FJ has been built to take you on just about any trail or trip you desire. It of course retains its Toyota build quality, but has been upgraded with an extensive list of modifications to include items for protection, recovery, and performance. To prevent front-end damage and provide an aggressive look, a Viper 4x4 bumper has been mounted along with a set of Hella LED fog lights for an improvement in visibility. In case you've wandered in just a little too deep don't worry, the truck has been equipped with an ARB Safari Snorkel for clean dry air as well as an 8,000 lb winch to pull your truck, and your pride, out of the drink. A rough country suspension system has replaced the standard setup to provide an additional six inches of lift for larger tires, and more importantly off road clearance. At the back of the truck, the owner installed a Viper 4x4 rear bumper with an integrated rear view camera to improve visibility past the oversized spare tire. If you're searching for a trail ready truck with a lift, winch, bumper, and more, then check out this FJ Cruiser…" http://www.expeditionportal.com/vehicules/4x4/toyota-other-models/2117-la-aduana-2007-toyota-fj-cruiser.html
Check it out on Ebay Motors here.


Anonymous said...

well Lloyd, i could see you in it...grin

Mr. Sharkey said...

Given sufficient quantities of money and petroleum, all of nature can be overcome.... for a while.

Howard Taylor Taylor said...

Where is the machine gun mount?

Martin said...

Just what's needed - yet another boy-toy to go out and tear up what's left of the woods.


Carlos said...

@Martin, you've obviously never lived in a place with gravel or caliche roads! Such roads become obstacle courses with as little as 1/2" of rain. My family has endured 3.5 miles of caliche roads from our front gate to the paved road for 70 years in far South Texas. HD 4WD like this Toyota are built to make sure you can get where you need to go.

Anonymous said...

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