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Ike & Tina Turner - On The Road: 1971-72

Big night for me last night. After months of study and procrastination, I finally have a computer hooked up to the house TV. A Mac Mini, wireless keyboard with trackpad, and I have, like a trained monkey, learned to go between computer, TV, and DVD player. I wanted the computer rather than a "smart TV," so as to have the full monty of options (not be limited by a smart TVs functionality).
Rick set it up and walked me through it, and last night I gingerly went into Amazon Prime and found: "Ike & Tina Turner - On The Road: 1971-72."
   It's grainy and handheld, like a home movie, and I was mesmerized. OMG! What a beautiful woman! Tina and the girls together - dancing and singing are just hi voltage -- stunning. The roughness of the documentary is comfortable, you feel like you're there. The photography is non-intrusive. The band, I mean Ike may have been a mean son of a bitch, but what a band! ("Proud Mary" is a great album of Ike and Tina's, with chronological order of songs.) Tina is shown cooking, talking, rehearsing with the girls, she's down to earth.


acep hale said...

Thanks for this tip because I love Ike and Tina. The beginning to the Stones Gimme Shelter documentary where Ike and Tina are opening for them is amazing, I've never wanted to be a microphone more in my life.

Anonymous said...

good going on the computer stuff..sigh...better than me..i do not take naturally to "that" stuff

Anonymous said...

If you call the women "girls" are you willing to call the men "boys"?

Anonymous said...

sigh...sigh...to Anonymous...just my guess, but i would suggest "most likely"...yes..the men would be referenced as "boys"...my Dad, now long gone, loved to tell stories of his very early/ very hard working days, farm/logging camp/etc etc... i recal as a child listening to him spin his yarns, and wondering why he referenced grown men as "boys".... just a function of the time..

Anonymous said...

oh that IKE! whatta BLACK MANN!

beating the crap outa that woman! yeah! that be sumpthin to celebrate! wit lloyd!

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