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Flaming Duck a la Lloyd

-Flaming Duck We've had a domestic (humanely raised, yada yada) duck in the freezer for a while. I come from a duck-hunting family and during the season we had wild duck every week. I've cooked plenty of wild ducks (500 degrees -- let me know if you want my Mom's recipe for roast duck), but never a domestic one. I set it up on the rotisserie rod on the Weber Genesis outdoor grill (which we use for everything of the meat persuasion), with a pan underneath to catch the fat. Things were going well, duck turning, fat dripping and I turned the grill up a bit, went out to the studio to do something, forgot the grill; when I got back, it was -- shit! -- smoking madly. Opened the cover and flames about 2 feet high were shooting up out of pan. Well, I'll tell you, don't throw water on a grease fire. Poom! Baking soda (a cooler head than mine prevailing) finally did the trick (in the pan after duck was removed). It put the fire out but ruined my plans for the duck fat. Duck fat donuts? Well, for sure, French fries. The duck turned out flavorful, like jerk chicken, the flames enhanced the flavor. The great chef.
Music del Momento The Turbans. I rediscovered them, hearing "When You Dance" on the radio. Just got CD The Best of the Turbans, and there are some stunning songs. This is what we were listening to in college ('55-57). This a 4-man vocal machine, with great arrangements, heavenly harmonies. An outrageous falsetto by Al Banks. Some of their songs are on Grooveshark here. (Skip all the tracks by "Hadji & the Turbans"). Check out "Congratulations," Sister Sookey," "All Of My Love…"


Howard Taylor Taylor said...

Liver pate 1/2 duck fat 1/2 butter

Anonymous said...

Love that stuff (a la the turbans). Somehow it seems like something to listen to while doing something totally anachronistic to the 50's...

Amateur Cook  ツ said...

Flaming heck!

Anonymous said...

was looking for one of your chicken posts, but patience ran out, so a duck post will have to do..

here is a link, you might like, on raising chickens in Ireland


Anonymous said...

ok, here's the Duck article i wanted to give you..sure you know all this, but for me interesing..


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