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Old Carpenter's Bench

In Louie's shop, this old carpenter's bench from a high school woodshop. There's another vice kitty corner on the other side.  It's made to be utilized by two students. There's a swing-out stool on each side; you can just see the hinge on the right leg here. I'd love to find something like this, but can't locate anything either on eBay or craigslist.


PipersFarm said...


This fella has a great write-up about building your own bench using kiln-dried material from the local yard. He claims the bench itself costs around $65.

There is a ton of information out there about building your own work bench. Finding an old one in good shape? Not so much.

Best of luck!

ziggy said...

This is another great resource -- very insightful, very good observations about what makes a work bench work.


Anonymous said...

thanks for this too.


Lloyd Kahn said...

Thanks you guys. Book looks great, just ordered it. The single page, "10 Rules For Building Workbenches" is worth the price of the book in itself. (Can see it on Amazon "Look Inside Book.")

wolflahti said...

Now there is a workbench that looks as though it gets some use - so unlike those pristine Architectural Digest-type workshops that look as though they haven't experienced a gram a sawdust since the turn of the millennium.

Anonymous said...

Antique dealers pounce on this kind of work furniture. Yuppies are nuts of them and certainly would use this bench to decorate their kitchen.

Anonymous said...

got to liking the looks of that bench, spent a time looking for similar..came accross the following.. just looked around a bit, but nice stuff..



Vintage Woodworking Videos

Vintage Blogs


Anonymous said...

ah...one more..some nice ones here too...

Dan said...

This is exactly the kind of bench we had in shop class when I was in school. I was standing at one in November 1963 when shop instructor Mr. Zinsky came in and with worried expression told us that the President had been assasinated. Nothing fancy or Euro about these, but a lot of people learned to appreciate tools at them. Interesting tool bag on the corner.

Lloyd Kahn said...

Anonymous, Great links! Thanks!

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