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New Moon Today

Man was I depressed yesterday. Will spare grim details. Today, it's been pointed out to me, is the new moon. Sure enough, the fun factor is back. Koko Taylor singing I'd Rather Go Blind right now, the cold fog has lifted and sun's out, espresso crema with bit of agave nectar, power plant vapes, the wonder of passion flower architecture (by neighbors' house) -- ridiculous!
   More music del día: Howlin Wolf doing 300 Pounds of Joy. Hoy hoy I'm the boy…

Forgot to post this yesterday. For Google passion flower images, click here.


Anonymous said...

here is another beautiful sort, a Vanilla Bean Orchid....

most likely knew that Vanilla came from a climbing orchid, but i did not. recently discovered this, and find them quite intriguing....


Gill said...

So glad you're feeling better, nature is a great healer isn't she?


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