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Small Cabin Gear

List of gear (stoves, pumps, solar heating, etc.) for tiny homes and camping

"Great Propane heater for inside small to medium cabins up to 400 square feet. Safe to leave on all night, 3 heat levels for comfort. Automatic low oxygen shutoff system Accidental tip-over safety shutoff Heats up to 400 square feet Battery or A/C powered blower fan for versatility Built-in Piezo starter for easy starts"



Kay L. Davies said...

At first glance, this looked like one of those put-in-a-quarter gizmos on tables. Put in a quarter and play a song on the juke box.
I can even remember when it was a nickel, but I was very small then, and juke boxes were large. Someone had to hold me up so I could put my nickel in.
Definitely a nice-looking propane heater, especially with all the memories attached. LOL

Small Cabin Gear said...

Thanks for the shout out, I'm a huge fan. I'm building a sauna in my head with all the ideas your books have given over the years!

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