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Menthé's Cabin in France

Yogan is a skillful and prolific French carpenter whose treehouse was in Tiny Homes (pp. 154-55). Isn't this a beauty?

hi lloyd! i want to you see our new cabine, the house of Menthé:
wheels and water is finish? when you come in france?


weaver said...

Was happy to find additional photos showing the interior, etc. of this whimsy under construction: http://menthedesbois.blogspot.fr/

May you find the patience you need to make a smooth, seamless recovery of function.

Anonymous said...

Interesting details, saw more at

I admire the "boat" shape of the interior ceiling, as well as the expanse of windows over the cooking area. Nice.

Would love to see pics when it is done, if possible with English.

Anonymous said...

can I help ? here's some translation (trying...) from Yogan's blog

Re-used old framework
Floor : insulation with sheep wool (recovered mattresses)
Walls : clay and straw (cob ?) on wooden laths - inside : plaster + natural ochre
Roof : asphalt shingle (no more leaks)

Menthé said...


you can saw my new stair

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