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Off-grid Tiny Cabin NY State

"Scott Newkirk… spends every weekend living off the grid at his 300-square-foot house in Yulan, New York. There’s no electricity or running water, no TV, no computer. There he can slow down, sleep late, and take his daily bath in the nearby brook (weather permitting).

Newkirk had been living close to the land on the property already, in a wood-frame tent, but it burned down. Not long after, he came across the 1973 classic eco-architecture book Handmade Houses: A Guide to the Woodbutcher’s Art, which celebrated small, handcrafted houses constructed out of recovered and scavenged materials. That got him thinking about building a house on his property with the same innocence and integrity he was reading about.…"



Anonymous said...

and a basement/garage too.

Justin said...

Scott Newkirk sold this cabin to the kid who started Cabin Porn. The kid developed Vimeo, I believe.

Anonymous said...

first picture was nice,,me thinking small backwood cabin, but main pic dissapointing,,not so small

Anonymous said...

full-opened to light and landscape
beautiful grey wood shingle (not varnished !)

melissa sue said...

What an amazing way to live!! I'd love a weekend of solitude!

Anonymous said...

Off Grid in Europe



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