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Random House + Penguin: What the Merger Means for Publishers, Authors, Readers

"…For the midsize and small presses, a merger like this only widens the gap, and puts smaller houses in the unenviable position of competing with a behemoth in the way a tiny e-commerce platform competes with Amazon.
   The silver lining: Big corporations market to the masses, and can at times leave niche opportunities untouched and emerging markets unnoticed. Small publishers -- and indie authors -- can capitalize on the fissures created beneath the immense weight of a mega-corporation.…"
By Jason Allen Ashlock, PBS Mediashift, October 29, 2012: here.


Jeff Bragg said...

What are they going to call the new publishing behemoth, Random Penguin?

Gill said...

I'm waiting for the day when the "mega-corps" implode on each other and a new universe is created... I only hope the zombie apocalypse doesn't happen first...


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