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Wheels & Water Book Is, Er, Rolling

Each book is a different experience. With Tiny Homes, I gathered material for about a year, then started putting it together. With this book, I'm doing layout as material comes in, and have about 20 pages done. Each day is exciting. Such good stuff! Working title: Wheels & Water: Tiny Homes On the Move
   If you know of a housebus, housetruck, trailer, camper, houseboat, sailboat, tugboat, other nomadic unit being lived in, email us at: photos@shelterpub.com. There's still time (and space).


Justin said...

You meant "Tiny Homes on the MOVE", I'm sure.... :)

Powell River Books said...

Looking forward to your newest venture. Let me know if I can help with any floating cabins. - Margy

Lloyd Kahn said...

Justin. Right. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Here's a family just getting started on a "house that moves" journey.


Gill said...

Here's one for you Lloyd:


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