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2 Songs by Roscoe Holcomb

Discovered this at Ratman's website: http://dontshaveyourtwat.blogspot.com/

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viscara said...

He has been revered by many banjo players he was a idol of Pete Seager "Man in his own right" as well as many others. He was a very simple man who was poor and penny less when one day asked god for a way to make a little bit of money.. In 4 months he learned several songs and was soon on his way to making a bit of money to survive. Very humble man check his song out "LIttle birdie" and "Sally Ann" great stuff. He has made it to the Smithsonian as a national folk here. Visit the Strictly Hardly Bluegrass festival to see one of the similar legends who may be gone like Roscoe which is Doc Ralph Stanley we lost Doc Watson already and I fear Ralph will be next.

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