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Unique Gridshell Building at Weald & Downland Open Air Museum, UKhttp://shltr.net/gridshl

Hello Lloyd,
I'm an occasional reader of your blog and I recently visited a fascinating building that you might be interested in. The actual building definitely doesn't fit into the tiny homes category but I wonder if the technique could be modified to make a smaller dwelling? Or has it ever been used before on a smaller scale?
The building is located in the UK at http://www.wealddown.co.uk/ and there is a detailed description of the construction technique here http://shltr.net/gridshl
Keep up the good work,


Joe the Mercian said...

There's a similar building made of cardboard tubes, the Expo Pavillion in Japan by Shigeru Ban


I've been dreaming of using a similar system (with wood laths pinned at intersections) for a contemporary gypsy wagon, and covering the gridshell with architectural fabric or painted canvas. I think it'd look great!

Malin said...

I was at the museum in 2006 and didn't see anything like that there. really feel I missed out now. Although I did love that museum and some of the small houses that had been moved there.

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