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Straw Bale Workshop NY Catskills in August

Hey Lloyd,
Thought I'd let you know about my straw bale building workshop coming up August 10-12 in the NY Catskills. We still have room for a few more participants if you want to spread the word on your blog.
Mike McDonough

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Kay L. Davies said...

Oh, I'd love to attend as an observer. I'm not much use, not even as a photographer, but I've always wanted to build a strawbale house. Okay, not always, but for 20 years, which sounds like always to the young.
I love the photo, especially the little niches in the doorway, and the shelf to the left of the window— and dare I suppose those are up-lights beside the door? Probably not, but one can always dream, and I often dream of strawbale houses.

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