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House on 7-1/2 Acres in Oregon For Sale

Hi there. I'm a long time fan of the Shelter books. Builders of the Pacific Coast is like viewing a tangible form of my dreams. My husband, Rob Campbell, also recently reviewed the Tiny Homes book on his woodworking blog.
   This is a long shot and I apologize for the intrusion if it's unwanted, but it seems like you would know folks interested in a property like ours. We are trying to sell our coastal Oregon home. It's a pretty amazing place in a pretty amazing community. We made a website describing it and due to the unique nature of the property, are trying to sell it without a realtor since someone not familiar with the place could never really do it justice. Anyhow, if you want to take a look and share it with anyone you think might be interested, here is the webpage.…
-Xephaniah Fiddlehead Nubbinsworth http://logy.org/house

"…On the lower level, there is a fully-enclosed greenhouse porch, allowing a year-round garden without having to go outside. The roof is double-walled polycarbonate, and it keeps the porch warm year-round. While splendlid in the summertime, there is extra appeal in being able to enjoy a warm, dry space during the rainy season.…"


Colin said...

What a beautiful home in a spectacular location. I only wished I lived in the US rather than Liverpool, Uk. I'd snap your hand off.

Good luck with the sale.


Andy said...

Wow, what a gorgeous place. I bet this won't be on the market long. Did you see they have a *pond*?

Bill Dieckman said...

Why do you taunt me so?!? I have spent the past hours since this was posted plotting ways I can snap this up and leave this barren wasteland that is Dallas :O

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