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SunRay's Boom Truck

He uses this to get beams up. It runs great (Chevy 350 motor), but no brakes (only emergency brake, so things can get tricky.


Kay L. Davies said...

Oh, yeah, VERY tricky!

Anonymous said...

what was it before the Chevy 350 motor?

Mike W


Heron said...

Will you be doing any book signings/talks in or near Bellingham soon? You are pretty close if you are spending time with SunRay in Sedro.

Lloyd Kahn said...

No, am now in nyc.

Andrew Cooke said...

Love it I have a old JCB back hoe with no brakes ,yea they can get tricky !

Robert Collister said...

Nice Post:) Chevy 350 is very nice and you are using it greatly:) but be careful with the breaks issue, Really its difficult to drive like this.

Boom Truck said...

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