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Handmade Houses: A Century of Earth-Friendly Home Design

This must be the most soulful architecture book Rizzoli has ever published. (Full disclosure: The big timber house called "Hill of the Hawk" (pictured here) that I worked on in the '60s in Big Sur is one of the houses; also the very simple used-material house I built for my family in the same time period.) Richard Olsen has put together a book of real homes, built by architects and non-architects, that is rich in colors and wood and creativity. Check it out in an independent bookstore.
Lew just sent me this link: http://huff.to/JzSIbC


Bob said...

Excellent book. Very well done. Lloyd it was so nice to see some of your work as a builder featured among the builders in this book. Highly recommended.

Rob said...

Wild! The iPad has an app that features this almost exact shot. It's called 'Magic Window'.

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