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Connectors for Geodesic (and other) Domes

A pretty complete list of connecting dome struts, both metal and wood. At left is the system developed by Bill Woods of Dyna Domes in Phoenix, Arizona in the mid-'60s.
Funny, they omitted what I think was the best wooden dome hub system, the pipe-section hubs and stainless steel strap tightened with a banding device. This was developed by Fletcher Pence in the Virgin Islands in the early '60s and was strong and elegant. I saw it used by architect Jeffery Lindsay in L. A. and we used this system at Pacific High School for 10 wood-framed domes in the early '70s. http://shltr.net/domeconnex
Sent us by Kevin Kelly


Anonymous said...

Where can you get these today? I am trying to find a place that sells em.

Lloyd Kahn said...


Byrd Brownell said...

Are Dyna Dome kits still available, what is the company status now?

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