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Surfrider Cafe


Richard Whiteman said...

LLoyd, you keep a wonderful blog!

Richard Whiteman said...

I am almost 50 years old and have been distressed for years on how we Americans live. I live in the South where many Mcmansions were built. Most of the owners put floodlights on them so drivers could see the house at night like some sort of megalith. Come to think of it, the mcmansions are no different that the pyramids put down by the missippian cultures before us. Same thing

Dana said...

Totally off topic [forgive me], but I just discovered the following, and thought it might be of interest to this site's skaters and "borders".

Orbit Wheels

I like the simple design and the freedom of the feet.


helen said...

Wish I was there...

And here's one for your collection:


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