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Sculptures From Old Farm Machinery

Date: Sat, 28 Apr 2012

Hi Lloyd,
Been enjoying the from BC! Thought this picture of my sister Rachaels' latest sculpture might interest you. As you can see, it's made from parts of old machinery, mostly farm stuff. There reporting's an album of some of her work on this link;

Regards, Vic Long


Anonymous said...

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:IronHorse2.jpg "The Iron Horse was unveiled on the University of Georgia campus in front of Reed Hall in 1954 by artist-in-residence Abbott Pattison. The 12-foot, 2-ton welded metal sculpture was a new - and not necessarily welcomed - type of art for a small Southern town. Students painted it, put hay in its mouth and manure behind it, set a mattress aflame under it, and constructed a wooden mockery of it dubbed the "$5000 Modern Mule.The horse was subsequently removed from campus and put in hiding for a while. In 1958, L.C. Curtis of the University Horticulture Department offered to put the horse on his land in a Greene County field 18 miles outside of Athens. It has remained there since December 1959 along an expansive curve of road, visible to anyone who drives by."

Lloyd Kahn said...

To Anonymous: I don't see what "The Iron Horse" has to do with the sculpture shown, other than it's made of iron. Rachel's sculptures have life in them, The Iron Horse looks like a clunker.

Anonymous said...

What a great post! Rachel Long's work is spectacular, sensitive, and really really beautiful. She has articulated after-life through that wonderful old metal, with an alchemists eye and hand. Fantastic!

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