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Photo in Garden This Foggy Morning

Colors are best in the fog. I shoot collages, rather than using a wide angle lens setting, because the proportions look about right to me through a 50 or so mm lens. Click on it to enlarge.


Anonymous said...

For sure a nice garden... I am envious.

Tom said...

I enjoy your blog and look forward to your posts. Nice photo of your garden.

Mark E said...


Thanks for sharing it.

reader said...

Hello Lloyd, I enjoy your panoramic pictures and have tried a couple programs but not found one that I like. What are you using that allows you to save the file with the original photo borders?

Lloyd Kahn said...

I use the "Photomerge" function of Photoshop. First I reduce the size of the photos, since PS will choke on say several 3 MB jpegs. I usually set the "layout" function to "interactive layout" so I can move pics around if nec.

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