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Mama's in the alley and she's got no shoes…

When I was in Duluth, my friends Peter and Cindy were playing a (vinyl) collection of Bob Dylan titled "biograph." It has versions of a lot of songs I'd never heard. I ordered it the next day, and am playing it now. If you're a Dylan fan, check it out.
  I think in future ages, Dylan will be recognized as a poet on the level of Chaucer. When I really listen to some of those lyrics, even these many years later, I'm stunned.


The itinerant archer said...

I'm going to have to stop looking at your Blog, it keeps costing me money :0)

Have you heard Mike Oldfield's "The Songs of Distant Earth" ??

Another must buy !!!

Ches said...

Agreed. Dylan up to his motorcycle wreck was a genius, with Highway 61 the top of the mountain. Maybe we could call it the Book Of Bob ( "God Said to Abraham..."). Don't know what happened in that wreck but it changed everything.

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