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End of the Road: Mini-helicopter Film of Party in Remote BC

Jonaven Moore and friends having a party at his "caboose" in the British Columbia woods; shot by Jeff Patterson with a remote controlled midget helicopter:


Kay L. Davies said...

British Columbia is always in my heart, Lloyd, and, after I found out I couldn't get a tugboat to live aboard, I decided I wanted a caboose. I saw one with a "for sale" sign in a window, but the owner came out and yelled at me for looking at it (just the outside, I didn't go inside).
I love the fact that this caboose has solar panels on the roof, despite being in the deep woods. Some people really are green, and I love that.

Stephanie said...

That was way cool! Love the different perspective ... I wished I was at that party with those great people and all those dogs! I want to swing on that swing :)

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