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Two Woodsheds by Lloyd House


Pahl Dixon said...

Hi Lloyd, I love your work. Would you please do us all a favor and post / link to this page? oceanradiationremedy.wordpress.com ? It's important information for waterpeople and the general public regarding a proven way to be more safe and healthy in these "hot" times. Cheers Mate, Pahl Dixon (pahldixon@yahoo.com)

Anonymous said...

it's difficult to stock logs in good conditions, these shelters are looking very effective. Good protection from rain and good circulation of the air. Simple and beautiful.

Michelle Velasquez said...

Hi Lloyd,

Finding sheds like these are very hard to find and specially wooden sheds although there are many types of sheds available in market like Wood sheds , Backyard sheds, Garden sheds and Amish sheds but i like these sheds those shared by Lloyd. they looks real work

Michelle Velasquez

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