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Sleepless in Vancouver

The reason for this flurry of posts is that I have a 4-hour wait for my flight home today, and also that I seem to be accumulating an ever-increasing bunch of photos and cool info.
  This is my new mode of luggage for air travel. No more sweating it at the stinking baggage carousel. The larger one is a Rick Steves carry-on backpack. No wheels -- too heavy. I limit myself to what I can fit in these two bags. Much of the weight is electronic gear: 11" MacBook Air, along with DVD player, backup hard drive; iPad; iPhone; Garmin GPS; lightweight Epson digital projector PLUS cameras: Canon Powershot S-95, Panasonic Lumix G-1 with 3 lenses, and a Sony Cybershot panoramic camera.What a nerd, eh?
  I get home tonight and then take off early Monday Morning to do some teaching at the North House Folk School on Lake Erie. They've got me a cabin on the lake, and on Thursday I'm paddling a canoe in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness and I'm pretty excited about that.


Dave said...

North House Folk School on Lake Superior. Wonderful place. Enjoy the BWCA, pretty cold this time of year though.

Dave in Minnesota.

Anonymous said...

I wish You could come to Minneapolis sometime. I can't make it to Grand marais. It would be awesome to meet you!!!

Sumzbluz said...

love your work and it was so nice to meet you...cheers...Summer from Summer and the Sinners

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